What Is Magic


                  What is Magic?


Magic is so much more than rabbits and top hats.  Magic is educational ,
interactive, and inspirational. Discover Magic and you will discover skills for life.


     Magic is Science

Cutting edge technology has always been magical.  Just 100 years ago the things we think are common, from flat screen TV's to microwaves, would seem like magic boxes.  By knowing scientific properties and using the latest technologies, magicians always stay ahead of their audiences.


     Magic is Math

Magic, like math, reveals hidden patterns that help us   understand the world around us.  It provides insights and even allows us to make predictions about the future for ourselves and nature.


     Magic is Music

A magic performance has rhythms of focus and relaxation; it has beats and off beats that influence attention, and brings all the elements of performance into a purposeful harmony.  Just as silence between the  notes creates the musical melody, the secret methods that create the effect go unseen and unsuspected.


     Magic is Art

Art is the expression of human creativity, skill  and imagination. Magic and art share those qualities and magic is appreciated primarily for  its mystery, visual beauty and/or emotional power. 


     Magic is Theater

Theater and magic both require planning, rehearsal and a live performance.  Body, voice and imagination  transform scripts and simple methods into incredible experiences; creating such  powerful illusions, audiences will believe the impossible has happened.


     Magic is History

History tells us how the way things are today came from the way they were before.  To advance the art of magic we have to study and understand not only the history of magic, but the history of the world that influenced the magic at that time. Understanding history helps create a better future.


     Magic Builds Character

The experience of magic is created only by interacting with other people.  By following the 8 Traits of a True Magician, your magic will be stronger.  More importantly,  those same qualities can also build a successful life. Most often in magic, as in life, what you do isn’t as important as how you do it.  



     Magic is Limitless

Magic doesn’t see your  height, weight, or age; magic doesn’t see your race, your education or whether you’re rich or poor.  Magic is FUN because it can be enjoyed by everyone,  anywhere, at any age.  Magic can open your imagination to your own endless potential. 


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