Virtual Camps & Online Classes!

We Teach Social Skills in a Time of Social Distancing

Get ready to send your child on an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic ONLINE.


Unlock Your Child's Potential

They will learn how to make things appear, read people’s minds, and even make objects levitate.  More importantly, they will learn how to interact with others as each magic trick reinforces a life skill that goes way beyond the magic.

There are four courses to choose from, each with eight lessons. Every lesson comes with a custom high-quality magic prop and a top secret file folder, plus special secret words that unlock bonus magic videos in our online vault.

These special materials mailed right to your door provide hours of OFFLINE fun!

This life changing program is taught LIVE by one of our FUN certified instructors through the magic of technology. If you are a camp organization looking to add magic to your program, contact us and we can help match you with the right presenter for your needs.

If you are a parent wanting to sign up your child for a full course OR a single day magic workshop - contact any of our presenters directly.

Visit Some of our top online presenters: