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Discover Magic story in Genii Magazine

Discover Magic Wins $10,000 in UPS Store Business contest:

Discover Magic Launches new product to replace candy this Halloween:

Discover Magic raises over $27,000 on Kickstarter:

A story about a Discover Magic presenters in Florida:

Discover Magic was featured in MAGIC Magazine.

What parents are saying:

“My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show me what she’s learned!”
~ Joy Skinner, Parent

“If my kid could only pick one program to go to…THIS IS IT.”
 ~ Damien Brezinski, Parent

 “This is the only program my kid comes home excited to tell me about every detail of his day!”
~ Leslie Stachowicz, Parent

 “Every night we’re treated to a magic show. This has boosted their confidence so much!”
~ Sharon Chadwick, Parent

 “I can't say enough about the Discover Magic program.”
 ~ Deb Stauss, Parent

 “My kid is now waking me up to get ready for this program.”
 ~ Mary Leister, Parent

 “I can't believe what this program has done for my child without them even realizing it.”
~ Cheryl Tripp, Parent

“ This  has truly sparked something in my son’s life and has made him feel comfortable around other people!”
 ~ Ben Smith, Parent