We are looking for individuals, organizations, or companies that would like to help us build a brighter future by teaching kids important social and emotional skills through magic!!!

Who Are We:
Discover Magic was established in 2015 to empower children; building their character, confidence and communication skills through teaching them the art of magic. 

The real secret to our program is that we use extraordinary fun to teach children the 8 traits of a true magician.  We create a fun environment where kids want to practice being:  RESPECTFUL, PREPARED, ENTHUSIASTIC, CONFIDENT, HUMBLE, CREATIVE, AUTHENTIC and GIVING!

What We Can Do Together:

In 2016 through our network of 30+ instructors we taught about 2,000 kids. 
In 2018 we had close to 60 instructors around the world and taught just over 4,000 kids.  
In 2020 we had to adapt like many others but we continued to grow in new ways and taught over 5,000 kids

We now have nearly 100 instructors around the world and our goal is to teach over 10,000 kids in 2022!

With more sponsorships we can take our classes to organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA’s and other non-profit organizations that have an abundance of kids that will greatly benefit from our program but could not otherwise afford it.

We are currently seeking sponsors that want to have a long-term impact on the lives of children and invest in helping them become tomorrow's heroes. 

As a sponsor you would have the option to remain anonymous or if you prefer we want to make sure you are recognized for your contributions and how your company is key to this success.

We're be able to put your logo on our printed materials, such as the file folders, have your presence on our website, plus mention your company in media and press releases.

If you or your company would like to know more about how you can support this effort (every little bit helps) please contact us here: